"Byrone created footage of the Walsall Arts Fest event, Three Days in November. His ability to work with different people was impressive and he created footage for this interactive art event involving street art, soft sculpture, spoken word and performance." 

Carolyn Bayliss - Walsall art fest organiser

'Byrone Nicholson is a hard working young man who shows commitment towards the work he takes on. He is passionate and ambitious, whilst displaying great cooperative and interpersonal skills with his clients and colleagues. I have worked with him in the past and would highly recommend him to others for his videography skills.'

Najma Hush - Director PhotoGiraffe 

"Byrone was more than a Cinematographer during the documentary, ‘Logging Out’. He assisted in technical management; he had a keen eye for detail and brought an idea to life in a way that beautifully highlighted the gritty realism of life out of touch with society. "

Fiona Lockwood, Media Producer.