I’m a BA Hons Graduate of Media production, who studied at Coventry University and based in Walsall. Currently freelancing, I specialise in operating professional dslr cameras, professional camcorders, while video editing the projects. With the intention of creating inspiring pieces of work, the idea is to educate, then bring positivity through expression of words, actions and imagery.

With more than three years of experience, gaining industry standard skills from pre production planning, to post production finalising. I’ve been able to thrive within the environments that've been presented to me.


As throughout my career, I’ve been able to demonstrate how diverse and unique my approach is towards projects. This has made my ability improve, as I never stop educating myself. I’m always willing to work with different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, while always maintaining professionalism. 


I find that the challenge of excelling within the field of media that I specialise in, is something I thoroughly enjoy and constantly relish the opportunity that's placed in front of me.

Media Cv